North Shore philanthropist Ralph Bates passionately supports efforts that improve individuals’ lives. He has a strong history of funding local organizations and projects that lift people up.

The gregarious, self-made businessman and longtime resident of Manchester-by-the-Sea made his first major gift to Beverly Hospital, specifically for a program that supports nursing certification in their specialty area, including acute care, oncology, and cardiac medicine.

“Mr. Bates’ generosity is reaching nurses who are working to improve themselves, their careers, and, ultimately, the top-quality patient care they provide at Beverly Hospital,” said Tom Sands, hospital president. “We cannot thank him enough for stepping up for our nurses and patients.”

A Massachusetts native, Bates began his career shortly after earning his college degree, launching a successful real estate magazine and investing in real estate. His company eventually expanded south to Florida.

Since 2005, Bates has directed millions of dollars in philanthropy to transform organizations and improve lives across the North Shore. “I had a lot of luck in business and I am happy to help others,” Bates explained. “I can’t take the money with me, and I like giving to people who are less fortunate. Nurses have been a very important part of my care so I like the idea of making sure we have enough educated nurses in our community.”

The Ralph E. Bates Nursing Certification Program will offer assistance to registered nurses seeking specialty certification by covering the nurses’ cost to sit for the exam.

While many Beverly and Addison Gilbert Hospital nurses desire certification in their area of specialty, the costs associated with the courses and exam required to maintain certification are a deterrent for many. “Nearly 40 percent of our nursing staff are in the early stages of their careers and have a bright future ahead of them in providing care at the bedside,” said Liz Tassinari, MS, RN, NEA-BC, Associate Chief Nursing Officer, Nursing Practice, Quality and Education. “The Ralph E. Bates Nursing Certification Program will assist this next generation of nurses as they acquire even more skills, helping to raise the standard of care for our North Shore community in alignment with national levels, and helping us to retain and recruit talented nurses.”

Collectively the team could not be more grateful for Bates’ essential support for the Department of Nursing. “I am looking forward to the spring when we can celebrate the impact of Mr. Bates’ fantastic gift on Certified Nurses Day,” Sands said. “Clearly, through his generous gift, nurses will be able to take part in important professional development opportunities to enhance their skills, which will ultimately benefit our patients.”


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