Marcia Guess has experienced Beverly’s population boom over the years since she relocated here. Her love for this scenic community has grown with each passing year, and one constant has been the value of Beverly Hospital.

“I believe in community hospitals,” she said. “They serve a great purpose. I have wonderful primary care and specialty doctors at Beverly Hospital right here in town!”

In fact, the expert care Guess receives from her primary care provider, Deborah Shih, MD, and cardiologist Daniel Lombardi, MD, recently inspired her to give a charitable gift annuity to Beverly Hospital, in honor of the cardiology department.

“A charitable gift annuity, or CGA, gives you a fixed income that is not subject to shifts in interest rates, the stock market or other variables,” explained Rebecca Imperiali, Vice President, Philanthropy. “At the same time, your CGA is a way to support Beverly Hospital, acknowledge the great work of a provider, or contribute to a specific hospital priority.”

A charitable gift annuity provides you (or anyone you choose) with a guaranteed, steady stream of income for life. It begins with a gift of cash or stock. You may name yourself, a spouse, or others important in your life as a beneficiary. Annuity payments begin when you decide, as early as age 65. We issue quarterly payments from that time throughout your (or your beneficiary’s) life. The longer you wait to receive payments, the higher your potential payments.

A native New Yorker, Guess loves scenic Beverly, with the flower garden and walking trails of Lynch Park among her favorite spots. She has lived in Europe and in several U.S. cities. Guess began her career as a speech therapist and worked in many types of positions throughout her life. Most recently, she worked in the gift shop at Peabody Essex Museum for 14 years until the pandemic surged in 2020.

Guess is a proud alumna of Michigan State University, where she made her first CGA. “Personally, I think it’s the way to go, and I had wanted to donate to my alma mater because it holds a special place in my heart,” she explains. “With the CGA I do get the quarterly payments, which is great. And I really love the cardiology care I get at Beverly Hospital, and I thought this is a good way to give and thank my doctors.”


Make a gift to Beverly Hospital today.