Oftentimes, the Emergency Department (ED) acts as the front door to the hospital. Care received in the ED is a gateway to a relationship between an individual and their local hospital. At Beverly Hospital, recent ED renovations are making the space more efficient, decreasing wait times, and easing the stress of a hospital visit. These upgrades are essential to Beverly Hospital’s ability to continue to meet the needs of the North Shore community. Heaton and Henrietta Robertson are leading these changes in the ED with their generous and significant gift. In recognition of their giving, they will name a state-of-the-art triage area.  

The Heaton and Henrietta Robertson Emergency Department Triage provides a private space for individuals who come into the ED to be assessed and then properly treated. “Positive experiences in the Emergency Department build trust with the institution right from the beginning,” says Heaton. “This also builds your confidence for the rest of the care throughout the hospital.” This new area elevates the patient experience and simultaneously improves how care is delivered in the ED. “The new space allowed us to create an even more welcoming environment for those seeking emergency care during a stressful time in their lives,” says Courtney Almond, MBA, BSN, RN, Associate Chief Nursing Officer, Emergency Services. “It gives our patients immediate access to a clinical team, including a nurse and ED provider.” The triage area is a perfect example of how philanthropy can make a significant and immediate impact on the care experience. Gifts like the Robertsons’ allow Beverly Hospital to redefine emergency care and serve all individuals who come through its doors. 

Beverly Hospital is a true cornerstone of the community, offering high-quality care with a personalized touch. As residents of Hamilton, a nearby town, Heaton and Henrietta truly appreciate having access to excellent care close to home. “If you picture not having a hospital here, it would be dramatically different,” says Heaton. “There is clearly a need in the community for the high level of care that Beverly Hospital provides. Without it, you would have a much longer distance to get the care you need.”  

Philanthropy continues to be essential to the high-quality, compassionate care at Beverly Hospital. This sentiment is reflected by Saul Cohen, MD, Chair of Emergency Services, who is thankful for the Robertsons’ support. “We are extremely grateful for this gift, and the ability to create a patient-centered triage environment, enhancing the efficiency of our progressive “provider in triage” workflow and improving both the patient and staff experience.”  Unending community support allows the hospital to evolve and better serve all those who enter. “We support Beverly Hospital because our giving makes a direct impact on people,” says Henrietta. “It’s so rewarding to see our gift bettering the lives of our fellow community members.”

To learn more about supporting Beverly Hospital, please contact Lisa Zopatti at 978-236-1624 or Lisa.Zopatti@BILH.org 

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