As Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) staff continue to provide outstanding care to our patients amid the unprecedented circumstances of a pandemic, it’s nearly impossible not to be inspired. And when inspiration strikes them, Susan and Aron Ain always act. True to form, the Ains made a generous $1 million gift that will support BIDMC’s caregivers and new inpatient building in a profound way. “During this time, it’s incumbent upon us to consider the frontline workers and the healthcare heroes,” says Susan. Adds Aron: “We want to make sure that our gift not only addresses the needs of today, but is also an investment in the future. It’s important to us to think about it in that way.”

The Ains were also motivated by a special campaign to recognize BIDMC’s staff, and decided to designate half of their building support to that effort. The Healthcare Heroes Intensive Care Unit (ICU), which will encompass the entire 6th floor of our new inpatient building, will significantly increase BIDMC’s critical care capacity and ability to triage large-scale emergencies. Named in honor of BIDMC’s very own heroes, the facility will provide staff with the space, technology, and tools to deliver exceptional care during our patients’ time of greatest need. Susan and Aron are being recognized for their generosity with the naming of a nursing station in the new inpatient building. This state-of-the-art space will enable nurses and staff to work seamlessly to enhance efficiency, communication, and patient care.

The Ains’ dedication to BIDMC is born from a genuine appreciation for the institution—and the people behind it. “Supporting the hospital is almost second nature to us. It’s a vital part of our community,” says Susan. Particularly this year, when excellent medical treatment has been more critical than ever, the Ains have been inspired—and deeply moved—by the strength and determination of BIDMC’s healthcare heroes. “They have worked so hard, so diligently, so courageously,” says Susan. “We are humbled by the sacrifices that frontline workers and their families are making.”

Understanding the importance of quality people in organizations is a central focus in Aron’s life. A leading expert on building a positive workplace culture, he serves as a member of BIDMC’s Board of Trustees. “Great organizations are powered by great people,” says Aron. “BIDMC invests in creating an environment where teams are engaged to do great things and work cooperatively to drive better outcomes.” Through his expert eyes, Aron sees this approach originating at the leadership level and running throughout the organization. “The excellent leadership and teamwork at BIDMC is evident in its extraordinary pandemic response,” says Aron.

The Ains purposefully chose to direct their gift in ways that will offer a resounding statement of gratitude and also act as a meaningful investment, providing our faculty and staff with the spaces and resources they need. “People have a lot of options when it comes to medical care, and we choose BIDMC. We are honored to support the medical center,” says Susan. Adds Aron: “We enthusiastically champion BIDMC because of the people behind it. We know everyone there—leadership, doctors, nurses, staff—is going to use our resources to provide better health outcomes. That’s what great people do.”


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