Growing Stronger Together, BID Plymouth’s effort to expand and enhance the Emergency Department (ED), is rapidly advancing. Support from the community has been robust, with many generous donors joining the cause. In particular, one local family stepped up and made a lead gift to support the new Clinical Decision Unit, which will expedite high-quality care. While the philanthropic effort is focused primarily on ED care, the three-phase capital improvement program will make a tremendous impact, optimizing care throughout the hospital. 

“Our ED has been straining to meet increasing demand for emergency services,” says Scott Fairfield, MD, Chief of Emergency Medicine. “The progress we have made creating additional capacity is already allowing our teams to provide care more efficiently.” With the 25-bed Clinical Decision Unit now open, explains Fairfield, patients will be seen even more quickly and then cared for in the appropriate setting, according to their needs. “Patients admitted to the Clinical Decision Unit are lower acuity and expected to have a stay of two days or less. Throughout the hospital, this will improve patient flow, enhancing care and patient satisfaction.” 

The enhancements, which actively address capacity constraints, are welcomed by patients, staff, and the community. “Cape Cod 5 is proud to support this remarkable initiative at BID Plymouth,” says Matt Burke, Chairman & CEO of Cape Cod 5, a local community bank supporting the project through its foundation. “Since our founding in 1855, we have been dedicated to serving our neighbors and our customers alike. Our shared communities are growing and thriving, and high-quality hospital services like those provided by BID Plymouth are essential to supporting the health and wellness of those in our region.” 

Mirroring the area’s population growth, the demand for emergency services at BID Plymouth experienced an extraordinary increase in recent years. Additionally, emergency services have been further burdened by the long-lasting impacts of the pandemic, plus the rising need for more complex care. The ED mission is to care for every patient in need. When the project phases are complete, the BID Plymouth ED—which was built for 25,000 visits annually but remarkably sees nearly twice that volume—will be able to efficiently care for 50,000 patient visits annually in a full-service hospital that is also comfortable and close to home. 

“This project is fundamental in positioning our hospital to provide the care patients need now and far into the future,” says Jennifer Rice, Vice President of Philanthropy at BID Plymouth. “The groundswell of community support has provided powerful momentum, and we welcome ongoing participation in this top priority initiative.” There are several naming opportunities still available within the Clinical Decision Unit, which will be prominently located one floor below the hospital’s main entrance for patient and family convenience. 

The philanthropy team at BID Plymouth is proud to partner with supporters and the entire BID Plymouth community to realize the vision of the future of care. “Investment from our community is crucial to moving forward, enabling BID Plymouth to attract the best talent and to deliver the best and most efficient care,” says Fairfield, who will soon celebrate 25 years as a member of the ED staff. “I’m so grateful for every dollar raised for this critical project.” 


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