Over the years, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital–Plymouth (BID Plymouth) has solidified its place in the South Shore community. One of the key reasons for its enduring success is the hospital’s commitment to advancing cardiac care. For years it was the norm for people with cardiac issues to travel to Boston for tests, imaging, and treatments. Now, with expanding cardiology services at BID Plymouth, patients can receive that same level of cardiac care right in their local community. Thanks to the generosity of donors, key additions have been made including a cardiac rehabilitation department, a treatment program for congestive heart failure, and an upcoming expansion of the cardiac imaging center. 

Local resident Mary Mullaney has firsthand experience with BID Plymouth’s cardiac rehabilitation program. Mullaney has a history of supporting BID Plymouth, having generously donated to the Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Department and Senior Behavioral Health Center. Then, in 2022, Mullaney suffered a heart attack. After undergoing surgery, she was admitted to the hospital’s cardiac rehabilitation program, where she received unwavering support, valuable education, and a personalized exercise plan. “The care I received was beyond belief; the staff was so dedicated and kind,” says Mullaney. “And after 12 weeks of rehab, I was able to continue my exercises independently at the YMCA. I now have my life back.” 

Another exceptional addition to the Cardiovascular Department is the treatment program for congestive heart failure. For a hospital managing the care of aging patients who delayed important treatments during the pandemic, reducing obstacles to care was of paramount importance. Thanks to this program, more residents are now receiving timely, essential care. By broadening its capacity to manage a range of cardiac cases locally, BID Plymouth plays a pivotal role in providing comprehensive cardiac care to the South Shore region and beyond. 

BID Plymouth is also embracing cutting-edge cardiac technologies. While already offering a broad range of cardiology services, the hospital plans to add cardiac MRI and cardiac CT to their capabilities. These advanced imaging techniques will allow the department to perform noninvasive imaging that precisely detects cardiac disease, as well as gives surgeons valuable information ahead of surgery. Adeeb Al-Quthami, MD, an expert in cardiac imaging, emphasizes the significance of this progress. “This is about more than convenience to our community. The standard of cardiac care has evolved in the past decade. There’s an increasing need to use these tests as the medical world recognizes their superiority” says Al-Quthami. The goal is to offer as much care as possible in Plymouth; even when patients must go to Boston for a major procedure, prior advanced diagnostics and imaging can be done locally. 

These advances are made possible by generous donors, including Mullaney and many others. “It’s heartwarming to see the people of the South Shore supporting our medical facilities and, in turn, each other,” says Al-Quthami. “Strong community bonds lead to strong community hearts.” Philanthropy continues to be vital in providing leading-edge services close to home. 


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