Behind every positive patient experience at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital–Needham (BID Needham) stands a team of exceptional physicians, nurses, technicians, aides, and administrative staff members who all share a common goal: to provide compassionate, high-quality care. Achieving the best possible patient outcomes depends on having a workforce that is confident, fulfilled, healthy, and engaged.  

Donor-funded workforce development initiatives currently underway at BID Needham are enabling new and innovative ways to support dedicated staff and recruit skilled, diverse applicants for key roles. “The healthcare landscape is always evolving, as are our staffing needs and workforce planning efforts,” says John Fogarty, President of BID Needham. “The goal is to always be nimble enough to respond to any shifts in demand that might occur. Supporting our workforce is critical—now more than ever.”  

Among those to lend support to these efforts is Bruce Levine of Wellesley, a principal at Equity Industrial Partners Corp., who created an endowed fund in honor of his father. “My family is grateful for the incredible staff at BID Needham who took such great care of my father, Donald,” says Levine, who serves on the hospital’s Board of Trustees. “Establishing a fund to support workforce enrichment initiatives at the hospital was the best way to honor his memory and thank his many dedicated caregivers.” 

Jeannie and Jonathan Lavine recently established the Jeannie and Jonathan Lavine Workforce Advancement and Engagement Fund to assist the hospital with recruitment and retention. “The demands being placed on the healthcare system have never been so high,” says Jonathan, co-managing partner of Bain Capital. “By helping BID Needham build and maintain a skilled workforce, we hope to ensure they will always have the staff necessary to provide essential care to the community, no matter the circumstances,” he says, emphasizing the essential nature of providing opportunity for upward mobility with education and training for all staff.  

Other donors supporting workforce development initiatives at BID Needham include the Mayer family, Donald and Roxanne Mayer and Donald’s Mother Carol, whose gift will support a vital nurse educator role. Mary Ellen and David Stevenson, Michael Lombard and his family, Kathleen and Roger M. Marino, Wanita D. and William J. Kennedy, Jr., and Alison Martin, who along with her children Emily and Andrew, donated in loving memory of her husband, Dana.  

“Workforce development remains one of our top strategic and philanthropic priorities,” says Fogarty. “We are enormously grateful to those who have generously supported our efforts to attract and retain a highly skilled workforce in an increasingly complex healthcare environment.”  

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