Over the past several months, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital–Milton (BID Milton) has held two key events that highlight the importance of the hospital and its presence in the community. The BID Milton Everyday Exceptional Gala supported BID Milton by raising vital funds for the hospital, and the BID Milton Annual Meeting of the Boards celebrated and thanked incoming and outgoing trustees and advisors, while providing a setting to discuss the impact BID Milton is making locally. The success of these two events is a perfect portrayal of the passion our community has for the continued growth of the hospital. 

More than 400 people, including Secretary John Kerry, attended the Everyday Exceptional Gala to support BID Milton and honor Dennis Burke, MD, for his outstanding leadership as a compassionate care provider. The funds raised from the gala helped the hospital raise $2 million to complete the first phase of the Everyday Exceptional Campaign. It was indeed a night to remember, and a reminder of the loyalty and dedication of the BID Milton community.    

As for the Annual Meeting, it is apparent that the members serving on the Boards of Trustees and Advisors are key partners in the hospital’s success. “Philanthropy is just one of the many ways our boards invest in our hospital,” says Tony Cichello, Chair of the BID Milton Board of Trustees. “Our trustees and advisors help guide our direction, give important advice through committees, attend educational events, and serve as ambassadors to the community. They help ensure that when friends and family members have health care needs, BID Milton is the safest and highest quality hospital possible.”    

The Annual Meeting of the Boards also provided an opportunity to thank retiring members—Christopher Heavey and Ellen Needham—for their services to the board and introduce a new class of trustees and advisors. The BID Milton team welcomed Bridget Rice to the Board of Trustees, and John Iredale, Peggy Mountlouis, Kevin Smith, Dennis Keohane, Anne Mahoney, Elizabeth Page, and Apranta Patel, MD, to the Board of Advisors. This new group includes nonprofit and business leaders, finance experts, and clinicians. New board members all share one thing: a passion for meeting the needs of the growing BID Milton hospital community.

The impact of these events is both far-reaching and long-lasting. With continued challenges emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with rising healthcare costs and staffing challenges, BID Milton donors make it possible for the hospital to expand services, update space, increase capacity, add state-of-the-art technology, improve access, and so much more. For example, philanthropy supported space and capital improvements via the Everyday Exceptional Campaign that have truly made a difference. “Patients are more comfortable, and medical staff are enjoying the upgrades that have increased efficiency,” says BID Milton President Richard Fernandez. 

As part of BID Milton’s ongoing commitment of the Everyday Exceptional Campaign, the hospital is moving forward with major updates in neurology and cardiology, and leadership is hopeful to announce additional areas for capital expansion soon. “Being so strongly supported by our community means everything to us,” says David Hyman, BID Milton Vice President of Philanthropy. “The support we receive allows us to invest in our talented staff and change the way we are able to care for our patients.” This sentiment is echoed across hospital leadership. “It’s encouraging how the enthusiasm for the hospital increases,” says Fernandez. “We are beyond grateful to our donors for investing their valued time, energy, and resources. Their involvement results in better outcomes for all our patients.”  


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