Since early 2020, the coronavirus pandemic has stretched hospital capacity and strained financial plans, narrowing margins and pinching reserves. Additionally, enhanced infection control procedures, increased staffing pressures, and unpredictable COVID-19 surges continue to challenge hospitals across the globe. Despite these ongoing difficulties, Winchester Hospital is poised to move ahead through the Replenish. Restore. Renew. Campaign.

Already, loyal philanthropists have stepped forward to help the hospital provide access to the most advanced care, right here in our community. Donors have supported major investments in various key spaces, including our pharmacies (both at the main campus and the Center for Cancer Care), our cafeteria, our radiology patient waiting room, and our pulmonary rehabilitation space.

The recent renovations to equipment, technology, and design in our pharmacies—made possible through the generosity of New England Inpatient Specialists (NEIS)—were particularly needed. Mohammed Jaleel, MD, Managing Partner and Founder of NEIS, understands this well, and has unique insight as both a supporter and a staff member. “I started the hospitalist program at Winchester Hospital and I know the place inside and out. Our pharmacies are critical resources,” says Jaleel. “They allow patients and staff alike to benefit from affordable and accessible medication.”

In response to nationwide issues, regulators have recently established new requirements that support pharmacy safety and sterility, especially in the handling and compounding of all sterile drugs and chemotherapy agents. “Ensuring our patients receive their prescriptions accurately and efficiently is paramount,” says Michael Dupuis, Director of Pharmacy Services. “Not all hospitals have been able to embrace these state-of-the-art updates as quickly. We are very appreciative that New England Inpatient Services recognizes the pharmacies’ significant impact on patient care and has chosen to support our new facilities.”

Jaleel and the physicians of NEIS are proud to give back to their community hospital to usher in a new era of innovative systems at its pharmacies, including more seamless operations. “This is my hospital and my family’s hospital,” says Jaleel. “I want to know that every caregiver is performing at the highest level, with a complete focus on quality and safety. I have absolute confidence in Winchester Hospital.”

With pharmacy renovations complete, several other important Replenish. Restore. Renew. Campaign naming opportunities remain, including:

  • Occupational Therapy Room and Physical Therapy Bays—serving patients recovering from injury, surgery, or stroke
  • Ceiling Lifts—enhancing both patient and staff safety when moving patients
  • CT Scanner—providing fast, accurate diagnoses for more than 22,000 exams annually
  • Chest Compression System—enabling patients to receive lifesaving compressions

Support the Replenish. Restore. Renew. Campaign by making an online gift today. If you would like more information on naming opportunities, please contact Denise Flynn, Vice President of Philanthropy, at 781-756-2155 or by email.