After a national search, Al Campbell, RN, MBA, became the new president of Winchester Hospital in March 2023. In this vital role, Campbell will lead the hospital with a focus on expanding the breadth, depth, and scope of quality care in the community. 

Campbell comes to Winchester Hospital with a deep and varied professional background in both integrated healthcare systems and community hospitals. He joins Winchester Hospital from BJC Christian Hospital and Northwest Healthcare, a 485-bed regional referral hospital in North St. Louis County, Missouri, where he served as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. Campbell is recognized as an inspirational leader, strategist, and visionary, with a track record for improving care models. 

Recently, we sat down with Campbell to hear about his background, his goals for Winchester Hospital, and his unique insights on healthcare.  

What first attracted you to this profession?
Everyone in my family is involved in healthcare. My mom was an oncology nurse. When I was 14 years old, she encouraged me to volunteer at the hospital. I fell in love with the art of medicine and eventually became a nurse. I worked in a number of different areas, including medical-surgical, cardiac, and the emergency room. What started with my humble beginnings as a volunteer became a passion and a profession. 

From your breadth of experience, what management models have you seen succeed?
A great clinical environment is one in which every action surrounds the care of the patient and where all employees are treated well—listened to, respected, and well-resourced. Healthcare is people taking care of people—staff taking care of patients and families, as well as colleagues taking care of colleagues. I am a firm believer in this model. My experiences from floor nurse to senior leader have led me to value an environment that is appreciative, inclusive, and a safe space for our team members.  

You are known for encouraging leaders to act as mentors. Can you tell us why?
Mentorship is another way for people to take care of people. At any point in a colleague’s career, mentoring programs can offer pathways to leadership through a diversity of experience. I am grateful for having good leaders who walked the walk before me and created opportunities for me to continue to elevate my career. Whether working beside nursing students, physicians, or high school students, I enjoy truly being connected to the aspiring clinicians and healthcare leaders of the future. 

How would you describe your initial impressions of Winchester Hospital?
I received such a warm welcome from the leaders here, as well as from our extensive Beth Israel Lahey Health family. Over the last several weeks, I have spent considerable time connecting directly with members of the workforce at every level, sitting down and listening to what’s important to them. It’s important to me to be connected to our staff, the pulse and the heartbeat of the organization. What I’ve heard is an unshakable commitment to the community and the patients we serve. Winchester Hospital’s history, culture, and workforce, as well as its position within the Beth Israel Lahey Health system, make it an organization destined for greatness. 

While your tenure has just begun, can you describe some of the strategic goals that are already on your radar?
As you can tell, I place a high priority on connecting with our community and our workforce. As we further develop these partnerships, we will expand the scope of our care, including key initiatives in nursing—I’m thrilled the hospital is a trailblazer for Magnet recognition—plus cancer care, digestive diseases, ambulatory surgeries, and, importantly, maternal and child health, an area of expertise throughout the hospital’s history. 



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