The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is where you find Winchester Hospital’s most acutely ill patients. It is also where you find a team that is dedicated to providing intensive care to individuals facing potentially life-threatening illness or injury. Thanks to generous donors, $500,000 was raised to name the new nurses’ station after former Winchester Hospital President Richard Weiner, MD. This allows for the revitalization of this key space where lifesaving treatment occurs. “The nurses’ station is vitally important as the epicenter of ICU activities,” says Weiner. “Over the course of many years of caring for critically ill patients, I spent countless hours at this station, so it has special meaning to me.”  

The newly reconfigured nurses’ station will feature improved sight lines to all 10 patient rooms, enhancing visibility to ensure that staff can closely supervise and monitor all patients and equipment. The new station will have separate designated space for staff to work and have collaborative interactions. “This collaboration area where the multi-disciplinary team can convene will be essential in supporting care management and coordination efforts,” says Chief Nursing Officer Karen Keaney, RN, MPAH. “It’s evident that philanthropy plays a large part in our ability to provide the best care possible by supporting facility upgrades. We are all very grateful.” 

Beginning with repairs to the floors and ceilings of patient rooms, additional upgrades are underway to create a soothing, healing environment, while also enhancing quality and efficiency for the unit’s caregivers. “These new renovations will not only upgrade our 10 patient rooms, creating bright and soothing spaces that are conducive to our patients’ recovery and well-being, but will also improve the overall work environment for our staff who work tirelessly to care for our most critically ill patients,” says Keaney. 

Other key elements of the updated space will include upgrades to the unit’s medication prep area, as well as carefully redesigned storage spaces for records, paperwork, and personal protective equipment. All new spaces will be constructed of materials that are easy to clean and maintain. “The nurses, physicians, respiratory therapists, dietitians, and numerous other ICU caregivers are so deserving of this state-of-the-art renovation,” says Weiner. “I am thrilled and humbled by the generosity of the many individuals who have made this a reality.” 


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