Each year, more than 35,000 patients are treated in the John and Mary Chicos Emergency Department (ED) at Mount Auburn Hospital (MAH). In the coming years, this number is expected to increase by 12 percent as the area’s population ages and the community’s needs for both medical and behavioral care grow rapidly. To address these dramatically changing needs, MAH is transforming its ED and emergency services as a central part of its $30 million Here for You Campaign. And there has never been a better time to get involved, with naming opportunities still available. 

The campaign’s $20 million emergency services expansion has received tremendous support from the community, including a remarkable $1 million gift from the Stevenson family. “Mount Auburn Hospital’s commitment to the community, and to our family, has always been exceptional,” says Professor Howard Stevenson, chair of the Finance Committee, co-chair of the Here for You Campaign, and member of the Board of Trustees for MAH. “By recognizing and responding to the population’s changing emergency care needs, Mount Auburn is reinforcing its steadfast commitment to always be here for us all.” 

As of June 2023, nearly 5,000 unique donors have made more than 9,500 gifts to the Here for You Campaign. Andy Stevenson is thrilled to be involved in the initiative alongside his father because he recognizes its importance locally—and has a deeply personal appreciation for MAH. “It is truly remarkable to be a part of this effort,” says Andy, who recognizes the true value of high-quality, accessible care. “I first got involved in the hospital seeing how impactful it was in my community. Little did I know at the time that a few years later, Mount Auburn would save my father’s life. The ED is not something you plan on needing, but it’s absolutely vital.” 

Now nearly 75 percent complete, the newly designed ED space and upgraded services will be operational by early 2024. “We have added about 30 percent more square footage, designing a space that will be more open and connected to key services, such as radiology, surgery, and the cardiac cath lab,” says Christopher Fischer, MD, Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine at MAH. A new treatment area for patients requiring lower acuity care is another key aspect of the renovation. Outfitted with five recliners instead of beds, the new space enables patients to comfortably receive care while freeing up beds for patients requiring more acute treatment. In addition, a new centrally located and enlarged trauma space will allow patients to receive the fastest care possible by providing medical teams with immediate access to lifesaving equipment. “We expect ED wait times will be reduced, and I am so thankful for the visionary donors who’ve generously contributed to our campaign to enable that,” says Fischer. 

One of the project’s final updates is the new Behavioral Health Treatment Suite, a designated space that includes four private patient rooms. This important space features a soothing environment specially created with patient safety in mind. “This critical addition to the ED will significantly expand our staff’s ability to safely and securely respond to our patients’ behavioral health challenges,” says Fischer. Adds Howard Stevenson: “We are so pleased to contribute to this very important project as a family because we understand the magnitude of what Mount Auburn brings to the community.”  


Please consider supporting this important campaign by making a gift. Recognition opportunities are still available within the Emergency Department, including the new Behavioral Health Treatment Suite, private patient rooms, and other key patient care areas. To learn more, please contact Martin Richman at Martin.Richman@bilh.org.