It is said that “an army marches on its stomach.” At Mount Auburn Hospital, the cafeteria has sustained countless caregivers, staff, patients and families over the years, from early mornings to late night shifts. It is one of the busiest spots in the hospital and also the gathering place for special occasions like the holiday meals served to staff by hospital leadership and physicians as a way to say thank you for the work you do on behalf of our patients.

When the cafeteria needed to be updated, refurbished and reconfigured to add new meeting space, it was done thanks to a generous donation from Mount Auburn Hospital’s former President and CEO, Jeanette Clough. In making the $100,000 gift to help fund the renovations, Ms. Clough dedicated the cafeteria “in honor of the employees and physicians of Mount Auburn Hospital for their commitment to Excellence with Compassion.”

John Canepa, co-chair of the hospital’s Board of Trustees, remarked, “Throughout her tenure at Mount Auburn, Jeanette has always fostered a culture of teamwork and mutual respect among physicians, nurses and staff. I’m not surprised that, when making this generous gift, Jeanette chose to honor her colleagues and their commitment to providing patients with outstanding care every day.”


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