The Providers’ Leadership Circle (PLC) is a group of dedicated Mount Auburn Hospital (MAH) caregivers who come together every year to support their hospital. Members of this esteemed group demonstrate leadership year after year by making an annual gift to MAH. This support is crucial to the success of MAH, providing the flexibility to address unexpected changes and fund important needs across the hospital. The PLC philanthropically contributes to the quality of care and collaboration at MAH and allows the hospital to sustain its momentum, even as challenges arise.  

Members of the PLC join because they care about the hospital’s mission. “As a midwife provider at Mount Auburn Hospital for many years, I believe in supporting its improvements to provide the best facilities for our patients,” says Megan MacInnes, CNM, MS. “Last year, when I had the opportunity to join the Providers’ Leadership Circle, I jumped at the chance.” The PLC enables all providers to show their support in another way outside of providing high-quality, compassionate care to the MAH community.  

The words and philanthropy of MAH clinicians reinforce that these individuals are what make the hospital so unique. “Mount Auburn is a special community of providers, offering innovative programs in patient care,” says Brinda Rodrigues Kamat, MD, MPH, retired Chair of the Department of Pathology and Medical Director of the Karl Sorger Clinical Laboratory. “The mission of excellent care with compassion is central to our interactions, and every voice is respected. I joined the PLC because it is a major supporter of the Mount Auburn mission and development initiatives, such as the recent Emergency Department project, which will provide state of the art access to the front door of the hospital.”   

Every year, the MAH medical staff, in partnership with the PLC, celebrates two members, one active and one emeritus, who are selected by colleagues for their outstanding achievements and commitments to the hospital. This is a way for members to appreciate one another for all the incredible work they do for both the clinical and philanthropic success of MAH.  

Philanthropy is vital to the hospital’s ongoing success and is the cornerstone of this group. To maintain membership in the PLC, active members give $1,000 or more annually and emeriti members, care providers within three years of their residency or fellowship, and advanced care practitioners may give $500. 

To learn more about joining the PLC or to make a gift, please contact the Office of Philanthropy at 617-499-5099 or 

Make a gift to MAH today.