Jeff and Julie Parker are longtime Lahey Hospital & Medical Center (LHMC) supporters, giving generously to advance the Joseph C. Corkery, MD, Emergency Center renovation, the on-site helideck project, and the Healthcare Heroes Fund. Now, Jeff and Julie are furthering their commitment to help the Lahey community by making a $1 million estate gift to LHMC’s Greatest Needs Fund. “My professional and philanthropic experience has given me an inside view of organizational needs that arise from budgetary pressures and unpredictable circumstances, such as COVID-19,” says Jeff. “As donors, we are thrilled to be able to provide financial flexibility to such a trusted and well-run organization as Lahey.” 

The Parkers, who raised their four children in the area and have a home in Concord, plan their philanthropy with careful intention. “Julie and I feel it is important to direct our support to people in need, in this case, to improve the health of our communities,” says Jeff. “Additionally, we are pleased to make our gifts in honor of Dr. Joe Corkery, who is an outstanding medical professional—eminently capable and personable.” Adds Timothy Liesching, MD, Interim President of LHMC: “We are deeply grateful for the Parkers’ generosity. In particular, their recognition of Dr. Corkery is very meaningful as it reflects the enduring relationships that are created here at LHMC.” 

It is Lahey’s exceptionally personalized care that Jeff and Julie believe is so special. “Even though it is a large institution, it feels like a family,” says Jeff, who admires the hospital’s dedication to treating patients as individuals, building meaningful relationships. “After being involved in starting and running many organizations and now serving on numerous boards, I can see that the hospital’s organizational structure and operations promote efficiency, while demonstrating respect for patients and their families,” he says. 

Jeff, who earned multiple degrees in engineering and business from Cornell University and served in the military, was early to recognize the potential of the internet to organize and deliver critical decision-making information. Over his career, he made significant contributions to the financial services industry. Even today, Jeff refers to himself as a “data guy.” In addition, he is deeply attuned to the well-being of his community. “Jeff and Julie’s continuing support for vital LHMC initiatives speaks volumes for who they are and how they plan to make a difference for people in need in our community,” says Joseph Corkery, MD, Internal Medicine Specialist and Chief Medical Officer for Philanthropy. “We are so fortunate to count them as members of our Lahey family.” 

In 2004, Jeff stepped back from entrepreneurship in favor of overseeing the family office, as well as making more time for early morning walks with Julie and frequent phone calls with their children. Always eager to help, he is still sought out by young entrepreneurs for his practical advice and insightful mentorship. “I have always been driven,” says Jeff. “Purpose motivates you and makes it fun to get up every day. Our success has put us in a position to give back, and we intend to be very purposeful in our giving. By supporting Lahey, we feel we can have significant impact on a great organization with an important mission.” 

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