Over the past several decades, Linzee Coolidge has supported Addison Gilbert Hospital (AGH) with a focus on improving the health, well-being, and quality of life for those living in and around Gloucester. His philanthropic interests reflect a deep commitment to the community and a thorough understanding of its unique attributes and challenges.

Linzee made a gift of $300,000 to support the purchase of a new, state-of-the-art computed tomography (CT) scanner. This gift was made via the Dusky Foundation, named after his beloved childhood dog. “Ensuring that Cape Ann residents have access to the most advanced imaging technology available means that they can receive lifesaving care close to home, rather than driving into Boston,” says Linzee.

A CT scan provides more detailed and complex information than x-rays, which gives it many clinical applications—CT is a tried-and-true, trusted technology. Essential to providing high-quality care, CT scanners are used to check for internal bleeding, tumors, and other internal damages that help in medical diagnoses. This gift couldn’t come at a more crucial time; the demand for CT scans at Addison Gilbert continues to rise, climbing by 14 percent over just the past three years. “In the 1970s, when the technology first emerged, CT scans revolutionized the way we make diagnoses,” says radiologist Austin O’Keeffe, MD. “Since then, this technology has continually become more sophisticated and capable.”

The new scanner will provide clinicians with more detailed images in a shorter amount of time, helping expedite turnarounds and enhance patient comfort. “This unique technology will allow us to meet the demand for CT scans and to provide the very best diagnostics, while enhancing the patient experience,” says MJ O’Neill, MD, Chief of Radiology. “Having this state-of-the art scanner is tremendous, as the interpreting radiologist is helped greatly by image quality. We are so grateful to Linzee for his generosity.”

Linzee has a history of supporting radiology services. In 2013, the retired real estate investor and his late wife Beth made a similar gift to help the hospital fund new imaging technology and a plaque outside the CT Suite bears The Dusky Foundation name in recognition. More recently, the Coolidges supported the expansion of the hospital’s Senior Adult Unit, which provides inpatient care to older patients who have experienced a sudden change in mental status or who are experiencing an acute phase of a chronic illness, or mood disorder.

Linzee and Beth lived in Gloucester for more than 20 years. Together, they helped fund numerous local programs. To recognize Linzee’s lasting impact on the city, Gloucester officials created a special award in his name to honor other distinguished benefactors. “It seems only natural to give back. I have always been impressed by the high quality of care available at Addison Gilbert Hospital and the expertise and compassion of its clinical staff,” says Linzee. “There aren’t many organizations where your philanthropy can have such an immediate impact on the community and truly make a difference in people’s lives.”