The Newburyport Society for the Relief of Aged Women (NSRAW) has a long and distinguished history of providing financial assistance to women in need. Since it was established nearly two centuries ago, the charitable organization has helped countless women over the age of 60 cover expenses related to medical and dental care, housing, food, fuel, transportation, and other necessities. “Many women are just one emergency away from the urgent need for financial assistance, and we’re here to help whenever possible,” says Jocelyne Cosentino, president of NSRAW’s all-female board of directors, which recently awarded $25,000 in grant funding to Anna Jaques Hospital (AJH). “We are thrilled to partner with, and support, Anna Jaques Hospital, which is a true pillar of our community.”

Established in 1835, NSRAW owned and operated an assisted living facility in Newburyport for much of its existence. Located at 75 High Street, the stately Wheelwright House eventually became too costly to maintain and was sold in 2006. Proceeds from the sale and associated investments have enabled the society to continue its mission as a charitable foundation, focusing its philanthropic support on women over 60 residing in Amesbury, Newbury, Newburyport, and Salisbury.

While NSRAW does work directly with individuals in need, much of its community outreach is done through grants awarded to various mission-driven organizations working with populations across the region who lack access. “Many older women face a wide range of complex issues,” explains Jocelyne. “Due to this, we partner with a number of nonprofits that have more expertise than we do in providing direct aid and coordinating a range of different resources.”

Among the organizations to benefit from NSRAW’s generosity is AJH. Over the past two decades, the hospital has received annual grant funding totaling more than $225,000 to support a number of vital initiatives that enhance patient care and improve access. Three years ago, NSRAW helped finance the successful new Cancer Survivorship Program, providing patients—including women—and their families with additional resources and services to help manage the long-term social, physical, and psychological effects of their diagnosis and treatment.

More recently, the foundation helped expand this program by supporting the addition of two new positions—an oncology dietitian and a social worker. “We are truly thankful for the continued support of the Newburyport Society for the Relief of Aged Women. Our patients benefit tremendously from the Survivorship Program’s broad range of services,” says Michelle Petryk, RN, Director of the AJH Cancer Center. “Visiting with our social worker and nutritionist provides that extra bit of support and relief during what can often be a very stressful journey for patients.”

Another area of focus for the hospital is the Anna Jaques Hospital Medical Expense Relief Fund, which NSRAW has graciously helped replenish on a number of occasions. This fund assists individuals in addressing financial challenges related to healthcare costs due to insufficient insurance coverage, high deductibles, and increased out-of-pocket medical expenses. “Supporting our local hospital is in perfect alignment with our mission,” says Jocelyne. “Having access to high-quality healthcare close to home not only benefits older women, it benefits everyone who lives in the area. Anna Jaques Hospital is an important community asset and we’re happy to offer our support.”

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